31 July 2008

Featured Beer This Week @ Anthracite Cafe

This week Mike is featuring bottles of Wild Blue. This is an 8% ABV stong Lager style from Blue Dawg Brewery, NY.

30 July 2008

Bottle List as of 8/1 @ Anthracite Cafe

Rogue Uber Pilsner 20oz. (Or.)
Warstiener (Ger.)
Hofbrau Original (Ger.)
Samuel Smith Lager (Eng.)
Rogue Irish Style Lager (Or.)
Paulaner Pilsner (Ger.)R
ogue Uber Pils 20oz. (Or.)
Double Bock/Maibock
Troegs Troegenator (Pa.)
Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Or.)

Rogue Chocolate Stout 20oz (Or.)
Rogue Shakespeare Stout 20oz (Or.)
Steelhead Stoch Porter (Ca.)
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter (Eng.)
Dogfish Head Chicory Stout (De.)
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout (Eng.)
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout (Eng.)
Weyerbacher Old Heathan Imperial Stout (Pa.)

Barley Wine
Dogfish Head Immort Ale (De.)
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot (Pa.)

Brown Ales
Newcastle Brown (Eng.)
Brooklyn Brown (NY.)
Samuel Smiths Nut Brown (Eng.)
Troegs Rugged Trail Brown
Dogfish Head Indian Brown (De.)
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar 20oz (Or.)

Belgian Style
Stone Vertical Epic 20oz (Ca.)
Victory Golden Monkey (Pa.)Allagash White (Me.)

Wheat Beer
Spaten Franziskaner Hefeweiss (Ger.) 20oz
Spaten Franziskaner Dunkel Weiss (Ger.) 20oz
Hofbrau Hefeweiss (Ger.)
Paulaner Hefeweiss (Ger.)
Wehienstaphen Hefe Weiss (Ger.)
Troegs Dream Weaver Wheat (Pa.)
Magic Hat Circus Boy (Ve.)
Boulder Sweaty Betty (Co.)
Seadog Wild Blueberry (Me.)
Seadog Raspberry Wheat (Me.)
Ithaca Apricot Wheat (NY)
Harpoon UFO (Ma.)
Harpoon UFO Raspberry (Ma.)

Pete's Strawberry Blonde (Tx.)
Rogue Chipotle Ale (Or.) 20oz
Abita Purple Haze (La.)
Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre (De.)
Dogfish Head Festina Peche (De.)
Dogfish Head Aprihop (De.)
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (Ma.)
Melbourne Bros. Strawberry Ale (Eng.)
Blue Dawg Wild BlueLager (NY)
Wells Banana Bread (Eng.)
Sierra Nevada ESB (CA)
Sierra Nevada Summerfest (CA)

Pale Ale IPA/Red Ales
Arrogant Bastard Ale 20oz (CA)
Double Arrogant Bastard Ale 20oz (CA)
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (CA)
Steelhead Extra Pale Ale (CA)
Rogue Juniper Ale 20oz (Or.)
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (De.)
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (De.)
Dogfish Head 120 Imperial IPA (De.)
Ithaca Caskzilla Red Ale (NY)
Old Speckled Hen (Eng.)
Skullsplitter Orkney Ale (Scot.)
Harpoon IPA (Ma.)
Victory Hop Devil (Pa.)
Stone Ruination IPA (Ca.)
Red Hook Longhammer IPA (NH)
Stoudts Scarlet Lady ESB (Pa.)
Weyerbacher Hops Infusion (Pa.)
Boulder Mojo IPA (Co.)
Boulder Hazed & Infused (Co.)
Troegs Nugget Nectar (Pa.)
Green Flash West Coast IPA (Ca.)

Stella Artois
Chimay Red (Trappist)
Chimay White (Trappist)
Chimay Blue (Trappist) 20oz
Delerium Tremens 20oz
La Chouffe Golden Ale
Hoegaarden White
Lindemans Framboise

Popular Imports
Amstel Light
Corona Light
Fosters Oil Can
Labatts Light
Murpheys Irish Stout
Molson Canadian
Molson Canadian Light
Red Stripe

Hometown Brew
Stegmaier Gold Metal
Steg 150
Pocono Lager
Pocono Pale Ale
Lionshead Light

Check with your server for the seasonal

Popular Domestics
Miller Lite
Miller High Life
Coors Light
Anchor Steam
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Iron City
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
Michelob Ultra Lime Catus
Blue Moon White

29 July 2008

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Anthracite Cafe

Cheers and welcome to Anthracite Cafe...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Mike...the beer loving community Thanks you!